Silverbird Ghana : showing Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit

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DirectorKenneth Branagh
ProducersLorenzo di Bonaventura , Mace Neufeld , David Barron , Mark Vahradian
Country United States
StarringChris Pine , Kevin Costner , Kenneth Branagh , Keira Knightley
Release DatesJanuary 15, 2014 (Philippines) January 17, 2014 (United States)
Based OnCharacters created by Tom Clancy
Running Time 105 minutes
Box Office$101,502,147 as of feb 8th 2014

Silverbird Ghana Showing Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit
Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit is an American action triller film released in 2014. It was directed and co-starred by Kenneth Branagh. It also features the Jack Ryan character which was created by Tom Clancy which is also in the Jack Ryan film series. It has it original story not following the previous Jack Ryan film series. It was dedicated to Tom Clancy who died on October 1, 2013. Tom Clancy written many publications but his related chronology was the Jack Ryan/John Clark universe.

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Movie Plot Summary:
After the 11th september event, Jack Ryan who is studying at the London School of Economics becomes a Marine second lieutenant in Afghanistan. He is injured seriously by the shot aimed his helicopter. He is then sent to a Rehab where he attracts the Dr. Cathy Muller who becomes his future wife and Thomas Harper, an Official with the CIA. Ryan is recriuted by the CIA for his ability to recognize complex patterns. Then ten years later, Ryan works on Wall Street with a cover job posing as a compliance officer at a stock brokerage and also as a covert CIA analyst who tracks suspect financial transactions that indicate terrorist activity.

He later discovers that trillions of dollars by some russian organizations has fallen off the radar. The money out of radar is so much that will affect the United states economy collapsing it. These funds are controlled by Viktor Cheverin who is a veteran of the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan.
Ryan discovers that cheverin is planning a new great depression as soon as he dumps all his inventory onto the market at once which will cause the American dollar to collapse.

Ryan and the CIA later discover Cheverin used falsified death certificate to place his make his son Aleksandr in the United States as a sleeper agent. Ryan now uses his talent for pattern recognition to discover Aleksandr's hideout. He also locates a bomb hidden in a police response vehicle.
Silverbird Ghana will show the film Jack Ryan-shadow Recruit at the Accra mall and the weija centre where tickets will be available at various points of sale sections.

Silverbird ghana will be showing this movie in 3d at the weija centre for the first premiering on 3d movies.