Silverbird Ghana showing: RoboCop 3d

Silverbird Ghana:Robocop 2014 Album Cover
DirectorJosé Padilha
ProducersMarc Abraham , Eric Newman
Country United States
Budget$130 million
Release DatesJanuary 30, 2014 (Malaysia/Singapore/Taiwan) February 12, 2014 (United States)

Silverbird Ghana Showing Robocop 2014 3d
Silverbird ghana will be showing Robocop, the new 2014 film in 3d. Robocop is an American sci-fi action movie which is directed by Jose Padilha , a brazilian film director, producer and screen writer since the year 2000.
He has won the Golden Bear award and Brazilian Academy Awards. He has directed movies like Bus 174, Elite Squad,Garapa,Elite Squad: The Enemy Within,Secret of the tribe and RoboCop in 2014. RoboCop is a remake movie of the same name in 1987 from the RoboCop film series.

 Stars Robocop 2014 the film include Joel Kinnaman playing the title role. In 2005 the announcement was first made by screen gems for a Robocop remake and was halted one year later. In 2012 the Main Photography started in Toronto and Vancouver in Canada adding locations in Himilton and Detroit in the United States. The film has so far been premiered in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan on January 30 2014. Silverbird ghana will be premiering it in febraury 2014 in 3d after or before the release in both the United Kingdom on February 7,2014 and the United States on February 12,2014.

Silverbird Ghana:Robocop 2014 Trailer
Movie Plot Summary:
In the future 2028, a multinational conglomerate Omnicorp is at the middle of powerful robot technology. Their drones have been used in Foreign lands by the military for years but the Dreyfuss Act which is a public supported law preventing those drones to have ammunitions has prevented the drones from being used locally. The character Omnicop Chief of Executive by the name Raymond Sellars who is (Michael Keaton) colaborated with a great scientist Dr. Denneth Norton (Gary Oldman) to creat a new law enforcement technology which combines human and machine. Then a policeman Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) became critically injured by a carbomb which was planted by corrupt local police officers under the payrole of crime lord Attoine vallon.

Norton assigns Alex Norton for the Robocop program and after getting consent from his wife who hesitated that the Robocop body and software outfitted him. Alex at first rejected the idea because of his current condition, but is later convinced by Norton who made motivated him to be strong for his wife and son.

While they were preparing for a public conference to unveil Robocop, Alex is overwhelmed emotionally and has a seizure while his brain was downloading the police database information. Alex's brain chemistry is altered which lowered his altermine levels until he looses his emotions.

Silverbird ghana will be showing this movie in 3d at the weija centre for the first premiering on 3d movies.